Relax Right Pillows

Adult Memory Foam Pillows


  • Patented Multi-Positional Design Offers up to 16 Sleeping Position Options
  • Combines Types of High Quality Memory Foam
  • Antimicrobial Velour Cover
  • Perfect Back Sleeping and Side Sleeping in One Pillow!
  • The Relax Right Pillow has a hollow core (Traction Core) which allows for gentle axial traction of the cervical spine while back sleeping.

Why is Relax Right Better?

  1. Better For Your Body
    Relax Right is the only pillow that has a patented hollow core! This is the key to offering correct support to your body while both back sleeping and side sleeping in one pillow which promotes better posture and better sleep.
  2. More Comfortable
    In addition to being shaped correctly and the relaxing hammock effect of the hollow core, Relax Right uses two types of pressure relieving memory foam allowing it to be more supportive under the neck area and softer under the head and face area for ultimate comfort.
  3. Fits More People
    The Relax Right Pillow is multi-directional and multi-positional with four unique sides and up to 8 choices for side sleeping and 8 choices for back sleeping. Try turning it around or flipping it over to find the perfect fit for your body

The front cervical roll combined with the traction core, allows the head to cradle back into the core conforming to the normal lordotic curve of the cervical spine while supplying gentle traction.

The Relax Right pillow is the only pillow with a patented hollow core.

Actual radiographs while lying on the Relax Right
Pillow creating a forward lordosis of the cervical spine.

Adjacent to the hollow core are ergonomic side sleeping panels. These panels are made of ultra-soft Memory Foam and allow for an individual to roll on to their side and maintain a neutral head position.

Side sleeping position on the Relax Right Pillow

The Relax Right Pillow's unique shape, over time, can help correct your posture. Daily gravity pulls our spinal posture forward and down. This creates internally rotated shoulder joints, forward head position and humping of the mid/upper back (Figure A). This syndrome happens to us all, because we all experience gravity. It can create neck and upper back pain, headaches, tingling into the arms/hands and - not to mention, it make us look old.

Figure A

Competitors' pillows have incorrect and too extreme contours in both back and side sleeping. The front cylindrical roll of other designs places the head into forward protrusion and enhances poor posture by pushing the head forward of the torso into a forward head position.

Actual x-rays lying supine on memory foam
pillow creating a reversal of the cervical curve.

Because this front cylinder is too large, while side sleeping, your head actually arches over, pinching the small joints on the side of the spine (uncinate processes). Over time this can create degenerative/arthritic changes in these small joint of the neck.

Side sleeping on memory foam pillow

As we sleep at night our entire body is in the healing mode, including the spinal discs. The discs in the spine are under negative pressure. This negative pressure helps hold the articulations together and creates an inward flow of nutrients into the discs. This inward flow of nutrients helps maintain cartilage and disc health. The first thing in the morning you are actually approximately †î taller than at the end of the day due to this inward flow of nutrients at night imbibing your disc and cartilage. The Traction Core helps this phenomenon by mildly increasing axial traction on the cervical spine, which in turn, increases the negative pressure within the disc itself. By increasing this negative pressure, it will enhance your natural ability to exchange nutrients into the disc space, therefore, enhance the repair process.


"Our Relax Right Pillows are designed to correctly support the normal curve in the spine which promotes correct posture and better sleep."
- Martin Geoffreys, DC, CCSP

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Relax Right Adult Memory Foam Pillow

90103 Adult Standard Pillow
(23" x 13" x 4.5")

90104 Adult Large Pillow
(23" x 13" x 5")

Unlike any other pillow on the market, the adult Relax Right pillow was designed by a doctor and was awarded 21 patent claims. Relax Right combines two types of high quality memory foam and a hollow core to deliver the ultimate pillow for both back and side sleeping. 100% Hypoallergenic. Antimicrobial velour cover.

Relax Right Ventilated Pillow
91001 Ventilated Pillow
(24" x 16" x 5")

The "soft feel" traditional-shape memory foam
pillow is made of temperature-sensitive memory foam that molds to your body to provide luxurious comfort and support. The cool circulating core helps to eliminate overheating. The antimicrobial cover is made of plush cotton velour and is resistant to allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew.

Relax Right Contour pillow
91002 Contour Pillow
(24" x 12" x 4.5")

The contour-shaped pillow is made of temperature-sensitive memory foam that molds to your body to provide luxurious comfort and support. The antimicrobial cover is made of plush cotton velour and is resistant to allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew.